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Buy Ghost Train Haze strain from Pure Canna store at an affordable price. Order Ghost Train Haze strain for delivery from our online marijuana shop.
Potency: THC: 18-25%


THC 110.0-160.0mg/g

CBD 0.0-1.0mg/g

Point Break Strain

Point Break Strain

This Point Break Strain is known for its energetic high and can help people cope with stress, anxiety, and depression.

CBD 0.0-1.0mg/g


recreational and therapeutic benefits


Marijuana does ease the pain of multiple sclerosis, and nerve pain in general and use quite successfully for fibromyalgia, endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and most other conditions where the final common pathway is chronic pain.


Marijuana contains a chemical called Cannabinoid THC. Cannabinoid THC acts as a sedative and is responsible for making you fall asleep. This active compound in terpenes are also known for their sleep boosting abilities.


Marijuana can be highly energizing, mood lifting and stress reducing results. CBD which is non-psychotropic compound, present in marijuana whose properties can help you chill out, but won’t get you stoned, making users more relaxed..


Marijuana can help relieve pain and nausea, reduce inflammation, and can act as an antioxidant. Cannabidiol (CBD) can help treat seizures, can reduce anxiety and paranoia and can be helpful in treating nausea and vomiting from cancer chemotherapy..

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We believe Alloweedy is offering the best weed delivery service in the World. We provide the best adult-use cannabis brands in USA and UK! Our customers deserve the best and that’s why we do everything we can to provide the best cannabis and weed infused products on the market to you, our valued customer.

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Alloweedy – The online medical marijuana
dispensary with a worldwide service

If you feel desperate to find top-quality weed that can be delivered to your door, you don’t have to. With Alloweedy as your online medical marijuana dispensary, you can snatch premium THC and CBD in a snap of a finger.

Zoom in on different cannabis varieties, receive personal recommendations for consumption, and order goodies with fast worldwide delivery – all under the same roof. 

All-the-rage weed strains

Whether you are a medical patient deprived of calmness or a recreational user looking to enhance your experience, we have strains that can do the trick. Buy cheap legal weed that can energize you, soothe your anxiety, or eliminate your pain. Depending on the expected effect, you can order:

Have you found the desired type? Enjoy it in the form of buds available at the Alloweedy kush online store. They are handled by professional cultivators and regularly taken through lab analysis to ensure they are safe to smoke.

Purchase weed online after a personal consultation

At Alloweedy, we gather all the information you may need for carefree weed consumption. Do you want to switch to a new strain or make your first-ever inhale? You can always reach out to our team to receive:

  • Personalized strain recommendations. Interested in an expert opinion on different strains? We’ll walk you through the best picks based on your health condition, preferences, and desired effects.
  • Dosage guidance. Are you unsure about that THC level? At the Alloweedy kush online store, you can receive precise recommendations for your safe first-time and continuous weed experience.
  • Consumption method advice. THC products can be consumed in multiple ways, including inhaling. We’ll find a method that works best for you.
  • Legality heads-up. We’ll discuss all safety considerations related to cannabis use and explain legality insights that apply in your region.

Shop with Alloweedy to stay in the loop on medical or recreational marijuana. We are happy to be your guide once you enter this site and until you grab your buds. 

Weed shipments to any country

Alloweedy is a global dispensary offering fast shipment to any country that has legalized weed. While physical shops may have restrictions or even sell no THC-rich marijuana, buying online is a surefire way to enjoy your buds in the US or overseas. Just choose your strain, place an order, and wait for a delivery person to knock on your door.

If you are in Southern California, you can get your buds within a day. Regular discounts on your favorite THC are always here to make your weed purchases even more affordable!

Therapeutic Uses of Cannabis

The over-prescription of opioids and other addictive pain killers has led many industrialized countries around the world, particularly the United States, to experience epidemics of opioid overdoses that unfortunately continues to rise.


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Relief of chronic pain

Relief of chronic pain

While traditional treatments like pain medications, physical therapy, and surgery may help, many people are looking for alternative treatments that are more natural and less invasive.

Fight cancer

Fight cancer

For thousands of years people have used cannabis for recreational, ritualistic and medicinal purposes. In the modern era, the latter property excites a lot of people, and there is no shortage of wild claims about the supposed medical benefits of the plant.

Medical marijuana for depression

Medical marijuana for depression

Treatment of depression is unique to you and the severity of your case. It’s possible to successfully manage and treat mild, moderate, and severe depression.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Currently, only legal cannabis dispensaries operating in California are medical dispensaries. However, it is now legal to buy weed online without a marijuana card (recreational use) in California

The best way to help keep your weed stay fresh at home is to store it in a can, in a cool dark place. And of course, keep it out of reach of any children.

Yes, each product listed on our site is eligible for delivery within CA. With same day delivery available to nearby locations..

Legally, you’re only allowed to carry 30g of dried cannabis or the equivalent in edibles. However, if you order more than that at a time from our site, we may split it into more than one package if required to ensure safe delivery.

Yes, when receiving orders from our suppliers, we ensure that they are properly stored and packaged to ensure maximum quality. We maintain that same standard when shipping it so you receive the freshest weed possible.

If you are stuck and have been wondering from, where can you order or buy Marijuana online hassle free? No worries asAlloweedy is here to resolve your problems. We are one of the oldest and reputable online cannabis websites. We guarantee you to provide high quality strains and concentrations available.

Yes, Not everyone enjoys the smell of weed or enjoys smoking for that matter, so the best alternative option to smoking weed is to use edibles. Edibles such as chocolates or gummies can contain high amounts of THC so depending on what you choose, a little can go a long way.

If you entered a wrong or invalid address on the checkout page, the package will be re-routed, and the package will be completely lost.

This is because the return address we use is a a random address.

Please make sure you enter your complete address correctly.

We will not reimburse you for any mistakes made on your address. Please understand it’s not our fault for it being re-routed.

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Order Now - Buy Weed Strain In California

Order Now - Buy Weed Strain In California

How do you buy weed We can’t tell you how to buy it, but below is how you can purchase some of our lighters and receive a gift with your order.


I missed my delivery, got caught up with work and shit.Sent them an email, and they re-organized for my order to be delivered. Much appreciated.

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jenny Benson

Weed Vendor

Unbelievable how you guys do it but the same day delivery thing is masterclass. Lovely and friendly suppliers. Ordered at 8am, confirmed order and order arrived by 10:00 ish.

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Nicky OLAN

Brand Ambassador

Will definitely be recomending your services to my mates,A little disapointed i was not able to get more than a pound at a time. Definitely be back in a fourth nite Cheers

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