Super Glue Strain


Super Glue Strain

Super Glue strain is an indica hybrid that has the powerful genetic combination of an Afghani and Northern Lights. Super Glue gives deep physical relaxation that can easily keep you on your couch under the right mood.

Potency: THC: 18-28%


Super Glue Strain

Super Glue marijuana strain is the best bet for those who adore heavily sedative effects

Are you struggling with sleeping disorders? Do you want to overcome stress or soothe pain sensations? Then our Super Glue weed strain for sale is your go-to option. It is a potent cannabis product that has up to 30% of THC. The percentage of Sativa in Super Glue is 40, while Indica is predominant with up to 60%. This strain can be easily grown either indoor or outdoor. It takes up 8-9 weeks to get the first crop. It is difficult to find Super Glue strain seeds on the web. That is why cultivators usually create clones of this strain by taking a clipping from a mature plant.

The taste profile of the Super Glue marijuana strain is complex. It combines spicy, fruity, and earthy notes. It is a well-balanced hybrid that offers a potent high and helps patients with anxiety, insomnia, depression, and other mental disorders get to a normal life. Consumers denote that they start feeling a slight headrush and throbbing around the eyes shortly after taking this strain. However, these sensations do not spoil their experience. And as soon as they adjust to them, they become more focused, energized, and thoughtful. In these moments, you may become captured by the topics that seemed too complicated for you before.

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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g (1 oz), 56g (2 oz), 1/4lb (4 oz), 1/2lb (8 oz), 1lb (16 oz)


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