Jenny Kush Strain


Jenny Kush Strain,

its fruity, tropical aroma intensifies and may make your mouth water. The Cherry Punch weed strain is a flavorsome hybrid that brings endless sweet pleasure. Want to try it? Buy the Jenny Kush Strain at the best price right here

Potency: THC: 10-16%


Jenny Kush Strain

If you’re crazy about hybrids, buy the Jenny Kush strain

The Jenny Kush strain was created by Rare Dankness Seeds, a California-based seed company. It’s a sativa-dominant hybrid with sweet earthy aromas. It has a moderate to high THC content. The high it produces is relaxing and uplifting, which makes it an excellent daytime strain.

Jenny Kush strain has a classic cannabis appearance, with nugs that are olive green or forest green with milky white trichomes. It also has a mellow, tropical scent and a mid-level THC level. Using the Jenny Kush strain will give you a head rush that will relax you and make you feel great.

The high from Jenny Kush strain is known to be calm and relaxing, making it an excellent choice for people suffering from anxiety and depression. It is also widely used to treat physical ailments. Cannabis aficionados are sure to enjoy this strain! It has been rated as one of the best strains on the market.

The Jenny Kush strain has a THC content of 28 to 31 percent, making it one of the strongest strains in the industry. Its sweet, earthy flavor has hints of lemon and berry. Its terpene profile contains Valencene, Geraniol, and Bisabolol, which provide the smoke with a pleasant citrus flavor.

The Jenny Kush strain is a memorial strain, and its buds are small and olive in color. The flowers have a fruity and earthy aroma. Its smoke is pleasant and sweet, and the high is not overwhelming. The Jenny Kush strain is a great choice for all-around medical use. It doesn’t cause excessive sleepiness or energy, and it doesn’t produce a buzz like Indicas do. Its price range is $11-$15 per gram. A quarter-ounce of Jenny Kush will cost you approximately $107. A half-ounce will cost you around $200.

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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g (1 oz), 56g (2 oz), 1/4lb (4 oz), 1/2lb (8 oz), 1lb (16 oz)


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