Chemdawg Strain


Chemdawg Strain

Chemdawg strain scent and taste are classically cannabis, being of diesel and spicy wet earth. Its harvest-ready buds are bulbous and vivid green. Buy Chemdawg strain at an affordable price. Order Chemdawg weed strain for delivery from our online marijuana shop.

Potency: THC: 11-19%


Chemdawg strain

Is one of the unique cannabis strains anywhere to be found. Its origins are very ambiguous, and its genetics are quite mysterious. Despite this uncertainty, Chemdawg strain has successfully developed into one of the world’s most popular hybrid strains. It is a potent strain with an incredible, diesel-like scent that really jars the senses. If you want to buy Chemdawg strain, you could not have found a better shop. We at the Pure Canna Store have this bud in ample supply and are selling it for affordable prices. Buy Chemdawg weed cheap from alloweedy. We also ensure that each batch of weed is tested to ensure it is potent and fit for use.

What the Chemdawg cannabis strain can do for you?

Whoever created Chemdawg did an excellent job of creating a highly balanced strain. It contains a Sativa to Indica ratio of 45/55, allowing users to feel the effects of both varieties. Users commonly say they experience a head high while feeling full-body relaxation that eases muscle tension and reduces insomnia. This is not only because of its perfect balance between Sativa and Indica but because it is highly concentrated with THC. Expect each bud to have concentrations as high as 19 percent. People use this weed to treat the following conditions:


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3.5g, 7g, 14g, 28g (1 oz), 56g (2 oz), 1/4lb (4 oz), 1/2lb (8 oz), 1lb (16 oz)


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