How To Buy Marijuana Flowers Online

So, you’ve decided you’re going to buy your first cannabis flower. Good for you! You log into your Kushfly account, go to the flower menu, and.. huh? What ARE all these names? Black Jack, Wedding Cake, OZK? Don’t fear, canna-friends. We have a complete guide to how to buy marijuana flowers online!

Decide if you want indica, sativa, or hybrid.

Knowing the differences between the three are imperative for choosing the right strain.

Sativa is an uplifting kind of cannabis that is ideal for smoking during the day or when you need a lot of energy. These flowers are typically more used by people who like to wake up and smoke, or smoke through out the day.

Indica is better for nighttime use, when you have nothing left you need to get done and can completely relax. Of course, everyone is different and some people prefer to smoke indica during the day. However, if you are new to smoking cannabis, we would recommend saving the indica strain for the evening time.

Hybrid is a combination of the two and gives a nice, mellow high.

Get familiar with THC %

It is obvious that the higher the THC % in the strain, the more potent it will be. Thus, make sure you read the THC% listed on the flower product page. We have flowers that range from 25% THC all the way up to over 29%.

Look for taste, aroma, and effects

All of our flower product pages have detailed descriptions and effects listed. You can also check out the flavors and see if they fit what you are looking for!

What is grow method?

Grow method describes if the flower was grown indoors or in a greenhouse. Indoor grown strains are generally more potent and have bigger nugs, but don’t underestimate green house grown strains! These flowers are comparable and are often times listed at a lower price.

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How To Buy Marijuana Flowers Online
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