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Different Levels of High

Since every person has a unique endocannabinoid system, there is no single cannabis experience that will be exact from person to person. Many customers have asked us, “What gets you the most high?”. Depending on there personal biological makeup, tolerance, strain used, and method of consumption, each high is special and distinct. Even with these variations of details, there are still certain levels of high that you can expect each time you toke.

Levels of High

Level 1: Want to Get the Best High? 

Inhale your cannabis before lighting up. Whether you are smoking, dabbing, or eating an edible, you will want to introduce your olfactory sense to your cannabis first. This will allow all of your senses to get geared up and ready to welcome your first breath. 

Level 2: When The Weed Kicks In.

Once THC enters your bloodstream and binds to CB1 receptors, the high has begun. How long it takes to start your high, depends on your method of consumption. If you are inhaling, your high will begin within a few minutes. THC enters the bloodstream fairly quickly when smoked. If you are consuming edibles, THC will be filtered through the liver before entering your bloodstream. Because of this, it takes a couple of hours longer than inhalation to start your high.

Level 3: How Do You Know You Are Starting to Get High?

This part all depends on your unique chemistry, tolerance, and strain. Some users may only need a small amount of THC to start to feel effects depending on these factors whereas others may need a LOT more. Either way there are some telltale signs that you’re starting to get that buzz going. Depending on your strain you might start to feel physically relaxed, emotionally calm, happy, building up energy, or feeling sparks of creativity. Either way, you’re only just beginning your journey.

Level 4: Oh, You’re Definitely High Right Now.

Now is the time where you get those lovely unfocused feelings. It may come in the form of ascending to cloud nine or descending straight to the couch for a night in. You are starting to feel that buzz reach your face with head to toe tingles. Anxiety and tension  slips away as you start to reach the peak of your favorite feeling. Right now is the perfect time to settle into your snacks and predetermined activities for the next few hours so relaxing is the only priority.

Level 5: You’ve Peaked.

Once you’ve hit your moment of bliss, your strain will be packing in it’s effects full force. If you have a creative strain, expect a new world perspective opening for you. If your strain is sedative, expect to feel fully tranquilized. If you have a happy strain, expect a fit of unhinged giggling.

Level 6: How Long Does Your High Last?

There are an array of outcomes depending on individual circumstances. How long your high lasts depends on your chemistry, dosage, level of THC, type of strain, your environment, time of day, the last meal you ate, and how much water you have been drinking. Your high could last a few hours or all night long.

Level 7: The Descending High.

Again, everyone will have a different experience as your high declines. Your eyes may be bloodshot and feel drowsy. Your effects may gently wean yourself back into reality. It is likely you’ll feel an insatiable appetite. Savor the last few moments of your high while you can.

Level 8: After Effects.

Depending on your flower of choice, it’s probable that you’ll be enjoying a peaceful cool down. Similar to how you feel after swimming in a pool, taking a warm shower, or getting a massage. It is almost as if you have returned from vacation,  you now experience reality with an altered perspective of peace. It’s likely when this stage ends, you’ll be planning your next journey. When you get there,alloweedy will be at your door in 45 minutes or less.

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