A pack of rolling papers is never on your list of things to buy. Because you don’t need them very often, you might be startled to find them toward the bottom of the package. This generally occurs at the most inopportune times, such as when you have a gram of freshly ground weed in your grinder and a friend who was looking forward to smoking and binge-watching the next season of your favorite program with you.

Stop and think thoroughly before ripping your college diploma off the wall and using it to roll a joint. You most likely have a variety of better rolling paper options in your home or garden. If you don’t, there’s always the option of making your own DIY medium.

Gum Wrapper

There is a paper side to every gum wrapper. On one side, there’s aluminum, and on the other, there’s paper. Technically, you can remove the aluminum from the paper and discard the aluminum layer, but this is time-consuming and labor-intensive. To make it work, you’ll need to be extremely patient and dedicated. There are also gum wrappers made entirely of paper. From the start, these are alot easier. All-paper wraps are commonly employed for smaller bits of gum, resulting in a joint that is slightly shorter than usual. If you want to roll up alot of things, you might want to roll two at a time. As a crutch, use something small.

Empty Cigarettes

Remember that pack of Marlboro Reds you have in the freezer for a special occasion? It might be time to thaw a couple of them. You can either completely empty a cigarette and load the body like a hemp cone, or you may partially empty the body and make a spliff. It all depends on whether or not the person your sharing with is comfortable with tobacco and whether or not your in the mood to smoke. The flavor and burn of your weed will be altered if you mix it with tobacco. If your nearing the end of your stash jar, stretching your weed with tobacco might help it last a bit longer.

Book or Notebook Paper

Rolling papers can be easily replaced with pages from books or notebooks. To begin, rip a page off a book and remove the cover. Than, to ensure that nothing is visible, chop off any corners. Fold the paper in half and insert the substance on the crease line before folding it over again to compact the substance. Depending on the type of paper used, a lighter may be required to adequately burn the substance.


I think it is time that you should keep an emergency vape pen close to you. THC Vape pens are discreet, light, and packed with hard-hitting THC oil. You will thank yourself next time you run out of papers and know that you have a vape pen in the drawer.

Corn husks

Corn husks are the natural equivalent of paper. They’re the perfect texture and pliability for rolling a joint or even a blunt. Corn husks were once utilized by Native American tribes to produce a variety of items, including cigarettes. Corn husks have a somewhat sharper hit than normal rolling paper, but they are 100% natural. If your husks aren’t already dry, placing them in the oven for roughly half an hour on low heat will help alot of the moisture evaporate before you roll them up.

Glass Pipes

Even if you are not a piper or bowler, it is safe to keep a little one in the house. you’ll never know when you desperately need it. You can find a variety of bongs and pipes on our products menu.


Don’t wanna buy a pipe? Make yourself one! An improvised pipe can be made out of any thick fruit or vegetable. Smoking devices include apples, pears, cucumbers, zucchini, and pineapples. It’s as simple as carving out a bowl, cutting in carbs, and hollowing out a pipe. The pipe tunnel and carb hole can be made using a screwdriver or a skewer. To make the bowl, use a melon baller or a small knife. To carve out the bowl, start at the top or end of the fruit or vegetable. To allow for airflow, puncture a bunch of tiny holes with a safety pin. Use an extra pipe screen if you have one. Create a little tunnel with a poking instrument to link the side of the fruit or vegetable to the bowl. This is your carbohydrate. To use as a mouthpiece, make a hole on the other side.

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